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About Me

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Justin Barhite

I am a third-year graduate student in the Mathematics Department at the University of Kentucky. I grew up in Green Bay, Wisconsin and earned my undergraduate degree in math and physics at Carthage College, a small liberal-arts school in Kenosha, WI. I am interested in algebraic topology.

  • Email: justin.barhite@uky.edu
  • Office: 706 Patterson Office Tower
  • Zoom: 967-332-0310
Current Course
MA 123 — Elementary Calculus (Online)
Summer 2019

This course is an introduction to differential and integral calculus, with applications to business and the biological and physical sciences. We cover differentiation of rational, radical, and exponential functions, integration as area, and using the fundamental theorem of calculus to integrate certain elementary functions. We cover applications to increasing and decreasing functions, concavity, optimization, marginal cost, and others.

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Recent Courses
MA 202 — Mathematics for Elementary Teachers
Spring 2019


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MA 109 — College Algebra
Fall 2018


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